Membership in the MidSouthern Santa Society is by invitation only, but all qualified, interested parties are encouraged to contact us through this site to provide our current membership with your profile and reasons for wanting to join. Your request will be reviewed by our members at large for comment.

Membership is open to those who:

  • meet the membership criteria, including a valid and clear background check,
  • have had their conduct validated as someone in good standing within the greater MidSouthern region Christmas community,
  • subscribe to our Society’s purposes and structure, and
  • will abide by the Santa Claus Oath* and its principles.

Those who meet all the criteria but reside outside our region or may not be directly involved in the Santa community may apply and may be considered for honorary or affiliate membership. At this time, the MidSouthern Santa Society (MSSS) has no membership fees or dues. Our meetings are open to all members of the Christmas community, their guests, and the press. Please see our calendar of events for a schedule and location, subject to change.

To apply to participate in a wonderful experience, please complete and submit the information requested on our member application and profile update form here.

*The Santa Claus Oath was created by Philip Wenz to further principles inherent within the concept of the proper portrayal of Santa Claus. Please visit the site hosting the Oath for more information.